Sustainable Engineering (Boydens)

Since 1961, Boydens Engineering has been active as technical engineering designers and consultants for construction projects from small to large scale buildings, within the public and private sectors.

We have become one of Belgium’s leading independent engineering firms for technical equipment in the construction industry. With over 150 specialists from our various offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, Vietnam and Singapore (Representative Office). We work in close collaboration with key technical experts to form a team focused upon open and efficient communication. This in turn enables the exchange of ideas across the skill sectors, resulting in design solutions of quality, function, value, comfort and distinction in accordance to the highest global standards.


Boydens Engineering is dedicated to delivering the most advanced solutions in the various technical engineering disciplines, thus providing the best solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We focus on strengthening our position through scientific research, conducting extensive studies and applying state-of-the-art technology. We strive deliberately and with great responsibility for sustainable and low energy building solutions that minimize negative impacts on the environment.


In order to make a building meet sustainability standards, we apply the strategy of the trias energetica model. A Trias Energetica is a three step directive for energy-efficient design and used as a guideline to achieve desired comfort with minimal impact on the environment and minimum (fossil fuel) energy reliance.

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