BeLuxCham ESG Conference 2023 Press Release

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (BeLuxCham), the Embassy of Belgium in Vietnam, and DEEP C Industrial Zones have organised their conference “ESG: Evolving To The Next Level”. The conference focused on exchanging insights on exemplary business practices based on the three pillars of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), particularly in the context of implementing the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and Vietnam’s commitment to achieving near-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

In recent times, the adoption of ESG methodologies has been gaining momentum and attracting businesses in Vietnam, primarily due to the proactive efforts of the Vietnamese government in promoting sustainable investment and development in addressing the country’s numerous social and environmental opportunities and challenges.  In light of this, the conference “ESG: Evolving To The Next Level” was organised with the objective of bolstering awareness and comprehension of ESG business practices among private sector partners and governmental entities in Vietnam, while fostering collaboration and growth between Belgium, Luxembourg, Europe, and Vietnam.  Belgium’s largest investor in Vietnam, DEEP C Industrial Zones, showed during the Conference first hand how implementing ESG principles supports its sustainable growth in Vietnam.

The “ESG: Evolving To The Next Level” conference consisted of 1 plenary session, 12 breakout sessions, and a closing gala dinner. The plenary session facilitated high-level dialogue among distinguished participants including European, Belgian, Luxembourgish, and Vietnamese government representatives and key private sector leaders and stakeholders. Break-out session topics included sustainable agriculture, carbon emission reduction, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Industry 4.0, and leadership development.

H.E. Ambassador of Belgium to Vietnam – Mr. Karl Van Den Bossche, shared: “As the beating heart of Europe, Belgium has consistently contributed to and played a significant role in building and shaping the future of the region. We demonstrate our commitment to global goals by focusing on the development of a sustainable society based on ESG principles. This conference is a unique opportunity to highlight these dimensions in our trade with Vietnam and also celebrate the 50 years of bilateral relations between Belgium and Vietnam, while setting the blueprint for the next 50 years and beyond.”

Mr. Karl Van den Bossche also discussed the impacts of the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) on Belgium specifically, and European businesses in general. He stated that Vietnam benefits from the EVFTA more than four times as much as the European Union does. The liberalisation of tax policies is necessary to promote equitable development and growth for both Vietnam and the European Union in the future. In addition to the aforementioned concerns, Mr. Karl Van den Bossche emphasised certain important aspects related to Sustainable Development during the High-Level Conference. He asserted: “The EU is strongly committed to supporting Vietnam’s journey towards achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, as outlined in the Global Gateway Strategy. The EU backs this commitment with financial support and plans substantial contributions to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

H.E. Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Vietnam – Mr. Julien Guerrier expressed pride in the commitment of European businesses to invest in their personnel and foster a culture of sustainability. He stated: “In an era of increased transparency and accountability, good corporate governance is no longer a choice; it is an imperative. We must uphold the highest ethical and legal standards in our business practices. This conference will provide you with insights into the evolving governance landscape and equip you with the tools to navigate potential challenges. By adopting robust governance practices, we can build trust, attract investment, and create sustainable business value.” At this High-Level Plenary Session, Mr. Julien Guerrier also announced the co-launch of Vietnam and the International Partners Group in the Resource Mobilisation Plan of the Joint Environmental and Trade Project (JETP) at COP 28 in Dubai.

Mr. Olivier Do Ngoc, H.E. The Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Vietnam expressed a unified perspective on strengthening cooperation, enhancing exchanges, and pledging support to Vietnam, particularly in the field of green finance. He emphasised the consensus to promote cooperation between stock exchanges and enhance financial resources to support Vietnam in implementing its green growth strategy. Through the ESG Conference, Luxembourg demonstrated a spirit of close collaboration and a determination to accompany Vietnam in its transition and environmental preservation, with two projects worth 7 million euros in the field of environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

Ms. Pascale Delcomminette, CEO of Wallonia Export and Investment Agency (AWEX), expressed appreciation for this session. “Today’s forum is particularly special as it takes place against the backdrop of the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between Belgium and Vietnam, and the 20th anniversary of BeluxCham. These milestones underscore the enduring partnerships that have been cultivated over the years, emphasizing the shared commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices” – Ms. Pascale Delcomminette shared.

High-level Plenary Session

Tentative Agenda

08:30 – 09:00 Check-in

09:00 – 10:00 Welcome Speech

+ BeluxCham Vietnam

+ Belgian Ambassador

+ Luxembourg Embassy

+ Awex CEO

+ Ho Chi Minh City Leader

+ EuroCham

10:00 – 10:20 Keynote Address: “Prioritizing Social Impact and Good Governance in ESG in Vietnam

By Ms. Dzeneta Mulabegovic – Strategic Specialist at UNDP Vietnam

10:20 – 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45 – 11:00 Keynote Address: “Operational business impact of ESG”

By Mr. Bruno Jaspaert – CEO of DEEP C Industrial Zones

11:00 – 11:15 Keynote Address: “Children is Everyone’s Business: ESG, Children and Well-being”

By Ms. Rana Flowers – UNICEF Representative in Vietnam

11:15 – 11:30 Keynote Address: “The importance of ESG in Vietnamese SME companies”

By Mr. Nguyễn Đức Bình – Director of Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center – VCCI

11:30 – 11:45

Key-note Speakers

Ms Rana Flowers, Representative of UNICEF Viet Nam

UNICEF Viet Nam’s team of 63 staff supported by 13 UN Volunteers working in two offices (Hanoi and HCMC) is led by Rana Flowers since March 2019.  

With child rights and the achievement of the SDG high on her agenda, Ms Flowers joined the UNICEF team in catalyzing change for children together with the Government of Viet Nam. She brings a bold and creative energy to UNICEF’s work –continuing the crucial work done to reach the most vulnerable children such as those with disabilities, from ethnic minority groups or migrants, creating new partnerships, drawing on the strengths of the private sector and the comparative advantages of other UN Agencies. 

Ms Flowers responsibilities include mobilizing support to introduce new approaches, to test these, to support Government to ensure policy and legislation keep pace with the opportunities and challenges for children in a modern Viet Nam; and then to advocate that the policy is implemented at scale, benefiting all children across Viet Nam.  Prior to her appointment as UNICEF’s Representative to Viet Nam, she served as UNICEF Representative in China, Cambodia, Mongolia and Belize, bringing more than 25 years of experience in international development. She came to UNICEF with over 10 years of experience working on child development and policy advocacy in her home country, Australia, as well as in the United Kingdom. An experienced UNICEF manager, Ms Flowers brings a passion for children’s rights and a creative spirit that seeks solutions to development challenges. Most of all, she thrives working hand in hand with the strong, dedicated and incredibly hard working teams of UNICEF.  She has a master’s degree in Business Administration, and bachelor’s degrees in both Social Work and Arts. She is married and the mother of two stepchildren and two daughters

Ms Dženeta Mulabegović, Strategic specialist of UNDP Viet Nam

With over 15 years of experience in diplomacy and development, Ms Dženeta Mulabegović is currently appointed as a strategic specialist at UNDP Viet Nam to focus on engaging with the private sector in sustainable development. This includes work on different portfolios, such as Responsible Business Conduct, Circular Economy, and Social Impact Businesses. As a diplomat in the Foreign Service of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, she was previously posted to France and Brussels and has worked for the EU Delegation in Algeria. Besides sustainable development, her past experiences also include working on public diplomacy, human rights, mixed migration and international security.

Ms Mulabegovic holds master’s degrees in Political Science and International Law from University of Amsterdam, and has throughout her career continued her academic development through professional training, most recently on Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies at the University of Cambridge.

Bruno Jaspaert, CEO, chairman and legal representative of DEEP C Industrial Zones

Bruno Jaspaert is since 2018 the CEO, chairman and legal representative of DEEP C Industrial Zones, one  of the biggest industrial zone developers in Vietnam that started 26 years ago its activities. The company  is currently active in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh province and develops a land portfolio of 3400 ha in and  around the new deep sea port of Lach Huyen. He is also the CEO of the Hong Kong based investment  holding IAI (Infra Asia Investment) which is owned by Ackermans & Van Haren, a Belgian stock listed BEL20  company (AVH). Prior to his current position, he has more than 25 years of demonstrated experience in  sales, business development, production as well as innovation and strategy management in leading  multinational companies throughout Asia and Europe in the chemical, logistics, steel and oil & gas industry. 

Bruno is holding a master degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and a master degree in  Commercial Engineering from EHSAL Management University. His current main focus is to prove one can  create economic growth in a sustainable way. To achieve this he is converting the DEEP C Industrial Zones  business model into an autonomous eco industrial park setup providing sustainable utilities, water  treatment, inland waterway connections and waste recycling.

BeLuxCham Gala Night & Business Awards 2023

We are extremely proud to announce to you: our Gala Night. We hope to see you to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and 50 years of diplomatic relationship between Belgium and Vietnam.

BeLuxCham has the honor to co-organize this event together with our Belgian Embassy in Hanoi! The evening will launch a special project in collaboration with our Belgian Embassy, Unicef Vietnam, and Tam Nhung Social Enterprise. We will announce our Business Awards winners, have a live auction, and enjoy a live band with a Belgian twist.

BeLuxCham members: 2,500,000 VND/seat

Non-members: 3,000,000 VND/seat

[Support Event] Seminar CEO Insights: Navigating the Impact of Decree 13 on Customer Data Management

Vietnam’s Decree 13 on Personal Data Protection (PDP) has been in effect for over three months now, beginning on July 1, 2023. In response, businesses are strongly advised to promptly implement measures to safeguard their customers’ personal data. Some notable points from the decree include:

  • Notification of Sensitive Personal Data Processing: Data subject shall receive information regarding the types of personal data being collected, the purposes of collection and processing, and the entities with access to this data.
  • Right to Claim Damage: The data subject has the right to claim damage as prescribed by law when there are violations against regulations on protection of his/her personal data, unless otherwise agreed by parties or unless otherwise prescribed by law. 
  • Outbound Transfer of Personal Data: To transfer personal data of Vietnamese citizens to a location outside the territory of Vietnam, the sender must make a dossier on assessment of impact of outbound transfer of personal data and carry out the procedures.
  • Personal Data Protection Measures: Personal data controller cum processors are required to adopt measures for protecting personal data from the beginning of and throughout the processing of personal data. This includes the necessity to operate on a secure network and the ability to expunge personal data within a 72-hour timeframe, etc.

With the decree now in effect, how does your business fare in terms of managing customer personal data? What measures should your business adopt to guarantee the security of all customer information in line with the government’s latest decree? What shifts do you foresee in data management practices for businesses?

Join us at the seminar hosted by AHT Tech, Safecoms, CanCham, EuroCham, CCIFV and BeluxCham for a comprehensive exploration of:

  • Decree 13: Key Provisions for Businesses in Vietnam
  • Best Practices in Safeguarding Customer Personal Data
  • Adopting Data Management Practices in Line with the New Decree
  • Q&A Session

Language: English & Vietnamese

Format: In-Person Event

Date and Venue:

  • Hanoi: October 24th, 2023, 3pm – 5pm at AHT Tech Office – 1st Floor, Mitec Building, Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh City: October 25th, 2023, 3pm – 5pm at AHT Tech Office – 6th Floor, Vietdata Building, 234 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City


  • Mr. Quach Huynh Nhu Hop, Director of Consulting at AHT Tech
  • Mr. Eddy Bellavoine, Chief Commercial Officer at Safecoms – Thailand
  • Additional speakers to be announced

Register here:

[Support Event] the Vietnam HR Summit 2023.[Support Event]

If you’re an expat living in Ho Chi Minh City, you’re likely aware of the vibrant business landscape here. As a foreigner, building a robust network can be a game-changer for your career and personal growth. And here’s an excellent opportunity to do just that – the Vietnam HR Summit 2023.

This is a bilingual event with a live interpreting booth.

Unlocking Knowledge and Connections

The Vietnam HR Summit 2023 officially opens the ticket gate, promising to usher in an impressive wave of knowledge and a robust network for Business Leaders and HR Professionals. 

  • Venue: The Adora Center | 431 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District, HCMC

Most Leaders today are cautious while navigating their businesses through the tempest of economic crises, adeptly responding to challenging issues such as supply chain disruptions, dwindling orders, sluggish capital allocation, or domestic labor market fluctuations.

Out of adversity comes opportunity. Challenges shape Resilient Leaders. 

According to the latest report in May 2023, the General Statistics Office of Vietnam highlights some bright spots in the overall picture of the national economy. This indicates that Vietnamese businesses have the potential to make a remarkable turnaround in the latter months of 2023 and are prepared for an explosive scenario in 2024 in uncertain times. The essential elements are the wisdom of organizational Leaders and the necessary conditions derived from the forefront of Human Resources coordination capabilities.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with businesses in realizing sustainable growth strategies is what HRM nowadays always aims for. What efforts do businesses in general, and Human Resources in particular, need to make to achieve this? All will be illuminated through 10 topics, ranging from a macroscopic perspective to practical experiences at the Vietnam HR Summit 2023. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together in uncertain time!

Highly selected speakers based on their expertise and industry reputation from Dragon Capital, Mercer, Great Place To Work, Techcombank, L&A Holdings, AkzoNobel, v.v.

Join us to figure out answers to the series of strategic questions:

⁉ How to put people at the center of innovative strategy?

⁉ How to sharpen analytical thinking and contribute to a successful business in uncertain times?

⁉ How to enhance the capacity of resilient and persistent Leadership?

⁉ How to take advantage of AI Technology Strategy, Chat GPT as a multiplier of efficiency, optimizing all types of costs?

TopicKey deliveries
Vietnam Economic SnapshotVietnam macro economy outlook – now & future. Its implication to businesses and organizations
Workforce of the Future – What are Factors for business success?Region and Vietnam workforce landscape for growth – trends, challenges, opportunities, readiness, preparation; Factors to shift from Surviving to Thriving 
Accelerating Growth through Uncertainty with Technology1. How HR technology transformation helps drive better business outcomes (revenue & profitability).2. Introduce current & emerging technologies that can apply to key HR domains: reporting & data analytics, HRIS, learning, talent acquisition, performance management etc.3. Opportunities & challenges/barriers when adopting HR technologies – please be specific, and how to leverage and address them4. The future technology landscape – How ChatGPT & AI impact to organizations & HR
Human-centric Work ModelsWhat it is and how it helps to boost employee performance & other key talent outcomes?(flexible work experiences, intentional collaboration and empathy-based management)
Panel discussionEnterprise Innovation as a Driver of GrowthHow to unlock, speed up, and scale enterprise innovation?
DEI – From Awareness to ActionWhat it is? How is it important? Where we are now? How to raise awareness? How to move from awareness to action? Challenges? Tips? Sharing with real examples
Leadership Resilience to Thrive in Challenging TimesWhat it is; Why it is important; How to develop resilient leadership skills with specific examples in the workplace
Panel discussionEnhancing HR Operational EfficiencyHow to enhance HR operational efficiency, focusing on Processes simplification, HR Shared-service / Self-service / outsoucing, Capability, HR Technology, robust HR operations team
Defining Your Meaningful Purpose in Challenging TimesWhat is purpose & its role in life and work? How to figure out? Illustrate by stories.
Panel discussionHR Strategies to shift from Surviving to ThrivingHR strategies for Emerging Trends and Business Success, around Capability, Culture, Org structure/Design (with a customer-centric approach for growth)

And… what else?

– Over 1000 Leaders and HR Professionals are eagerly waiting for you. It’s an exciting opportunity to connect and learn!

– Over 15 Speakers reveal the success stories of top businesses for the first time. Get ready for an event filled with fresh insights and innovation!

– Over 30 pioneering companies in HR technology solutions. It’s a fantastic opportunity to stay at the forefront of HR innovation!

– Moreover, many more intriguing details will be unveiled very soon. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Sound fantastic, huh? Don’t miss this opportunity! See you @Vietnam HR Summit 2023!