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Dear valued members,

Here you can find highly qualified candidates to consider for job opportunities at your companies.

My name is Aline De Brabandere, Belgian, and currently working and studying at Ho Chi
Minh City, Vietnam. I graduated as a veterinarian in 2018 and have been working since as a veterinarian for pets in both the Netherlands and Vietnam. Since November 2022, I enrolled in an MBA at RMIT Vietnam, to broaden my knowledge scope, as I am a person that is always keen on learning new things and constantly want to grow.
I would describe myself as a social, pro-active person that is always up for a new challenge.
I’m eager to learn, flexible, and used to working under pressure, as this is required as
a veterinarian. As a vet, I have learned to make quick and in-depth analyses of situations,
consider options, make decisions, and work with a team to implement these decisions while working in a limited timeframe as to save the animal’s life.
To be able to use both my MBA theoretical knowledge, as well as the soft skills learned
during my years as vet, I would like to apply for a part-time job or internship.
Should you be interested, please connect me by email at: