Camco Technologies NV

Camco Technologies is the number 1 provider of automation solutions, helping container terminals reach their digital transformation goals.
We are experts in container and truck data reading and processing using AI-based image-recognition technology up to trailblazing software applications.

And a shared vision beyond

We follow a clear path towards a more sustainable future for the container handover business. Eager to continuously improve, we challenge ourselves daily to be innovative.

As a a global company, we lead by example in equality, diversity, and inclusion. Sustainability in all our relationships is encrusted in everything we do.

Always within reach

With offices in Europe, the USA, China, the Middle East as well as Australia plus a network of partnerships spread all over the world, we make sure we are always within reach. Our service desk is available 24/7 anywhere.

Get in touch. We are looking forward to sharing our insights, and getting your automation project on the fast track to digitalization.

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