Metally Fit Vietnam

Mentally Fit is an international training and coaching cabinet.

Founded in 1996 by Alain Goudsmet, its headquarters is based in Brussels, Belgium that gradually expanded to what is now the headquarters to further our global expansion. They are now represented on most continents (Europe, Latin-America, Africa, Indian Ocean, Middle East and South-East Asia) and have more than 20 different nationalities in our global team of coaches.

Mentally Fit originates from the world of sports and contributes to the performance in a multitude of disciplines through 4 different Business Units: Sports / Corporate / Academic/ Artistic.

The Mentally Fit offers you a personalized accompaniment, whatever your position, the size of your company or the industry. Their objective: increase human performance. Each year, more than 100.000 participants from leading global organizations attend their programs all around the world.

Please welcome them by visiting their Facebook & website (, and if you are interested in their service, you can contact them via email:

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