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Structural & Civil Engineering

Ney & Partners is a team of engineers and architects working on the conception, materialisation and engineering of structure and infrastructure. Founded in 1996 by civil engineer and architect Laurent Ney, the office today consists of a main office in Brussels, with offices in Namur, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Bordeaux, Delft and Hanoi.

Our areas of activity

Beyond our core activity of engineering consultancy in civil and structural engineering, we have developed a series of specialisations centred around the conception of structure and infrastructure.

With regards infrastructure, Ney & Partners have gained international renown as designers of bridges and footbridges, sports infrastructure, railway and tramway stations and, more generally, all that relates to urban development.

With regards special structures, we develop canopies, glazed roofs, tensile membranes and artists’ sculpture. These projects are all characterised by the complexity of their geometry and structural analysis.

Our timber engineering – division Ney & Partners WOWunique in Belgium, works closely with industry and is able to offer a full range of professional services, from design to completion.

Sustainability is at the heart of our preoccupations. Sunsoak Design develops solar structures that incorporate photovoltaic technologies in architectural structures and leads the internal sustainabilty chart of Ney & Partners.

Special glazing, glazed structures and architectural glass elements are developed by Ney & Partners SUN.

Product design and development with industry in the field of infrastructure led us to the design of canopies, of footbridges, of balustrades, street-lighting and road-sign structures.

Vietnam Office:

Mai Nguyen Thi Tuyet, bachelor – civil engineer

Vice- Director Ney & Partners VNM
Posted in Real Estate and Construction/ design, SME.

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